Sewing Machine Cobra Class 4 vs. Cowboy 4500
Sewing Machine Cobra Class 4 vs. Cowboy 4500

Cobra Class 4 Vs Cowboy 4500

Nothing but the best will do when it comes to leather sewing machines. After all, stitching with leather might be difficult if you don’t have the right tool. But, happily, there are plenty on the market that perform an amazing job. If you’re curious about the Cobra Class 4 vs Cowboy 4500 sewing machines, you’ve come to the right site.

The truth is that both of these are high-quality leather sewing machines manufactured by well-known firms. So picking the best one should be simple.
A high-quality leather sewing machine is the Cobra Class 4 Leather Sewing Machine.

The Cobra Class 4 leather stitching machine comes in three different models. The Class 4 P is the most expensive package. The Class 4 S is the regular package, and the King Cobra Class 4-25 adds electronic positioning in addition to the premium package.

When it comes to Class 4, some of the top leather artisans in the field have dubbed it the “Dream Machine” because of how smoothly it runs and how simple it is to use.

Sewing Machine Cobra Class 4

The Cobra Class 4 sewing machines are capable of sewing leather spanning in thickness from 6 ounces to 7/8 inch, making them perfect for bullet loops, chap leather, skirting, and all forms of tack.

The heavy-duty multipurpose presser feet are small but strong. Allows you to sew in small areas that are required for many leather applications. A components handbook and an instructional DVD are also included to get you started. This is a big benefit when using the equipment for commercial purposes.

In addition to the items already mentioned, the Class 4 sewing machine includes a heavy-duty pedestal-style stand with locking caster wheels, a model SR2 heavy-duty ball-bearing speed reducer, a total of 10 extra needles and four bobbins, a variable speed digital DC servo motor, thread stand, tools, and oil.

They do not break or bend when sewed with leather, and some consider them to be the best leather artisans in the world. Some other brands even demand you to adjust the presser foot.

Sewing Machines of the Cobra Class

Thread sizes range from 69 to 415, there is a built-in bobbin winder, stitch lengths range from 3 to 22 stitches per inch, a 28 LED super beam lamp, a triple feed mechanism, and the ability to make reverse stitches in the same holes.

The machine is heavy-duty and strong, measuring 20′′ x 20′′ x 20′′ and weighing roughly 600 lbs.

You will receive extra presser feet, needles, three different plates, a heavy-duty roller edge guide, and a work platform if you purchase one of the machines that come with the premium package.

You may also purchase these components individually when you’re ready, but keep in mind that normal packages include all of the pieces needed to begin using the machine right away, making it a wonderful place to start if you’re searching for a leather sewing machine.


cylinder arm 16.5 inches long

There are 794, 74, and 73 needle systems available.

It comes highly recommended by many leather professionals.


It is somewhat pricy for some, costing over $3,500.

CB4500 Cowboy Leather Sewing Machine

The CB4500 leather sewing machine is extremely robust and includes all of the functions needed to sew all types of leather and thicker fabrics. It can handle thread sizes ranging from 69 to 415 and thicknesses up to 7/8 inches. It also accepts needles with sizes ranging from 18 to 27 (73 or 794), and it has a maximum speed of 800 RPM.

If you sew horse saddles, the CB4500’s 16.5-inch cylinder arm length and several presser feet, which the Cowboy business refers to as harness feet, will come in handy. You can quickly make horse blankets, horse apparel, and other goods with the CB4500 in your business.

You won’t have to worry about thread snapping or breaking in the middle of work if you use polyester or bonded nylon thread. The harness feet and throat cover plates are all made of stainless steel.

Sewing Machine CB4500

The CB4500 sewing machine has a motor and table, normal or harness presser feet, a swing-away roller edge guide, bobbins and needles, a throat plate and corresponding presser feet, and other accessories.

Gun holsters, ammunition pouches, belt loops, and webbing can all be made using the CB-4500.

With the 10 needles, you can purchase a variety of accessories. Accessories are now widely available at reasonable prices.

Product Comparisons Tan Kote vs Resolene

This sewing machine has two additional arm lengths: 9 inches (CB3500) and 25 inches (CB5500).

A servo motor, a solid table, and a speed reducer are included with the Cowboy CB4500 sewing machine.

The maximum foot length of the CB4500 is 1 1/16′′.

Bobbins with a maximum stitch length of 3 per inch in 7/8-inch and 1-inch sizes. A long-necked high-intensity flex light.

A high-torque servo motor with variable speed and the ability to stitch in reverse in the same holes.

The stand may be adjusted in height and has caster wheels. In addition, the machine costs $2,995 for the base model and $3,395 for the one with the accessory package.

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