Roof Restoration To Make Your Tile Roof Look Like New
Roof Restoration To Make Your Tile Roof Look Like New

Roof Restoration

Does your roof appear to be in poor condition?
Is there a leak in your roof?
Or is your roof in desperate need of a makeover?

If your roof requires maintenance, there may be a more cost-effective option than roof repairs or roof replacement that can extend the life of your roof without requiring a total roof replacement.

Roof restoration is one option that may give you a secure and waterproof roof while also keeping your roof looking beautiful.

Roof Restoration: The Importance

Roof restoration or upkeep is one of the most ignored aspects of house care. Numerous homeowners spend in other aspects of their homes, such as gardening and painting, yet overlook their roofs. This can have serious implications in the long run.

A roof, whether tile or coloured metal, maybe quite resilient; nevertheless, owing to Brisbane’s harsh weather conditions (strong winds and sometimes hail), portions of the roof can be destroyed without our awareness. Water may enter your home with a single broken roof tile. And if the water gets on electrical equipment or other objects prone to water damage, the harm may be permanent.

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Do-It-Yourself Roof Restoration Maintenance.

The word “roof restoration” refers to cleaning, repairing, and recoating a roof.
Roof restoration is beneficial for nearly all roof types, including

  • Colorbond
  • Zincalume
  • Galvanized Iron
  • Decromastic
  • Terracotta Tile
  • Concrete Tile

Therefore, should you attempt roof restoration on your own? It is possible. It is not a difficult procedure. It does, however, require some labour since you will need to obtain access to the roof’s summit. Additionally, it requires a longer ladder and some additional safety precautions. For instance, you may lose your balance or footing in heavy gusts, resulting in an accident.

The majority of homeowners would prefer to employ a roofing professional. Outsourcing this sort of job is frequently preferable rather than risking personal safety and spending days on the roof in the freezing wind. Roof repair businesses such as Brisbane employ specialised equipment, cleaning chemicals, and skilled workers to guarantee a professional job is completed.

We’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should employ a skilled expert to do the job.

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Not All Roofs Are The Same.

Roof repairing is not a routine task. Some roofs are peeling, while others are covered with moss and lichen, necessitating roof replacement. While the fundamental principles of restoration remain the same – clean, grout, and paint – it is the in-between that results in long-lasting roof repair.

It is pointless to paint damaged tiles.

Many individuals assume that repairing a roof will permanently resolve a leak. That is true only if a damaged tile causes the leak and the tile is replaced. It is not always straightforward to determine which tiles are broken. If you are not accustomed to noticing hairline fractures, they might be difficult to notice.

Repointing: A skill

Repointing and re-bedding the ridge cap is a key component of roof rehabilitation. Regrettably, it is a talent that takes years to master and cannot be learned on YouTube.

Roof tile painting is an art form.

To begin, selecting the appropriate primer, sealer, and paint for your roof’s needs is critical and sometimes not readily accessible. Additionally, the paint nozzle is essential to the job’s quality, as is the volume of paint put to the roof to guarantee uniform coating and the angle at which the paint is sprayed.

It is not a good idea to paint the tiles by hand, as this creates obvious brush traces visible from the ground.

Let’s look at the requirements for a roof renovation – so you can decide whether to do it yourself or contact a roofing company.

The Process Of Roof Restoration In Brisbane

Retro Roof Brisbane’s roof repair and roof treatment professionals strive to safeguard your home or business and extend the life of your roof. Did you know that sunlight, wind, snow, and rain may cause significant damage to your roof in as little as three to five years?
This promotes the growth of moss and fungus, which destroy the roof.
Our roofing team’s roof restoration and cleaning services will keep your roof in good shape and extend its life for many years.

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There are five stages to follow for the roof restoration process.

Roof Restoration: The 5 step process 

1. Roof inspection

To begin, inspect your roof for damage. To do so, walk your roof from end to end, inspecting each spot for evidence of deterioration. Typically, the damage consists of cracked or broken roof tiles, perforated metal sheets (caused by hail or falling items), or even aged roof tiles on the verge of collapsing. Additionally, it will check for leaks in specific areas of the roof. Finally, photograph the damaged areas so they may be repaired methodically during the repairs.

When you or the installer enter the roof, you must wear appropriate safety apparel, such as non-slip shoes. This will prevent any mishaps. Depending on the size of the roof, assessing the top may take an hour or more. Perhaps the essential step of roof repair, as you don’t want to overlook any areas of damage since a roof restoration should be performed only once every five to ten years.

2. Roof cleaning

The next step is to pressure wash the roof. This procedure is important since it will remove years of filth, grime, and debris from the roof. Additionally, it is important to keep the gutters clean and clear. Damaged parts will become more visible during the cleaning process as the dirt is removed.

While the water is pouring across the ceiling, this is a good opportunity to look for roof leaks. Any leaks or seepages should be detected and photographed so they may be fixed during the repair process.

Roof cleaning is critical since the roof must be spotless before applying any chemical treatment or paint.

3. Repaired roofs

Perhaps the most critical stage in roof rehabilitation is roof repair. Roof repair is a meticulous procedure that addresses each point of damage found during the evaluation phase. Roofs that are broken or damaged are meticulously repaired and replaced with matching tiles/sheets. Artistry is critical since substandard quality may exact a price in the form of water infiltration or leaks.

The most compelling reason to hire a professional to handle your roof restoration is certainly roof repair. A skilled and experienced roofer will be able to provide professional results and restore the appearance of your roof.

Replacement of tiles and metal roofs may need specialised equipment. If you’re going to do it yourself, research the tools required and stock up on the colour or kind of tile or material you choose.

4. Chemical oxidation

Following the repair, most roof restoration firms cover the roof with a protective coating to preserve it from the elements. Additionally, this enhances the roof’s longevity and the period between maintenance visits. Coating chemicals are available in various forms and sizes, each with a unique degree of efficiency and effectiveness. These services include waterproofing, thermal insulation, and corrosion prevention. Consult your roof repair contractor about the sort of coating they want to use on your roof.

5. Final evaluation

Once all of the preceding stages have been completed, a final evaluation should be conducted. Finally, a roof re-inspection is necessary to establish whether sections have been overlooked. This final step is critical to ensuring that everything is completed accurately and thoroughly.

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Advantages Of Roof Renovation

1. Re-pointing your ridge tops ensures their safety during high winds and severe weather.
Additionally, it will protect you and your family during a violent storm. Torn-off ridge tops are the main source of expensive storm damage to tile roofs.

2. Membrane coating provides three layers of protection for your roofing.

It shields it from UV light, which wreaks havoc on the grout.
It limits the grout’s expansion and contraction to a fraction of that of an uncoated grout—the expansion and contraction of the grout resulting in the formation of tiny fractures.
It saves you money in the long run due to the increased durability and longevity of your roof.

3. Enhances the quality and cleanliness of runoff water.
For instance, if you have a rainwater tank, the water that flows off your roof after a roof restoration would be cleaner.

4. Moisture is kept off of the roof tiles’ surface.

How Long Does A Roof Restoration Last?

A thorough roof repair typically lasts between 15 and 20 years.

This time is valid provided a skilled artisan performs the work with adequate preparation.

However, this time duration varies according to exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV), coating colour selection, and mould development.

Do you have a dilapidated roof in need of restoration? Retro Roof can provide you with a fair quotation now.

The experts at Retro Roof Brisbane not only have the best equipment, but they also have extensive experience to do a great job on any project.

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