Micro Suction Ear Wax for Seniors
Micro Suction Ear Wax for Seniors

Micro Suction Ear Wax for Seniors

Earwax is one of life’s most misunderstood things, with many people unaware of its benefits or the problems it can cause if not managed properly.

We’ll talk about what earwax is, what it does, and how to get rid of it when it becomes an issue.

This blog, on the other hand, is only meant to provide a basic overview and may not be tailored to each individual’s symptoms.

If you feel that an excessive buildup of earwax is interfering with your hearing, get an appointment with a specialist as soon as possible!

They are capable of making an accurate diagnosis and, if necessary, quickly correcting the problem.

So, just what is earwax?

Earwax, also known as cerumen, is a vital protection component in your body. Its major purpose is to protect the eardrum and the delicate ear canal lining.

It is vital to comprehend why earwax produced by glands in the ear canal should not be eradicated permanently.

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Earwax does more than just clog your ears and make your headphones nasty. Instead, the sticky, greasy substance traps dust, grit, and debris in your ears, keeping them safe from your delicate eardrums.

In certain cases, this protection extends to tiny foreign objects, whereas in others, it extends to creepy crawlies.

Is there a variety of ear wax? Yes! It turns out that your ancestors’ origins have a big impact on the type of earwax you produce. There are two kinds of sand: wet sand and dry sand. Wet earwax is caused by a dominant gene, whereas dry earwax is created by a recessive gene.

This means that people in areas where everyone has dry earwax, like East Asia, will continue to have it. Nonetheless, as the same people move throughout the world, the gene for moist earwax will be diluted and eventually eliminated in future generations by the dominant gene for wet earwax.

What causes the formation of earwax?

In most cases, earwax causes no difficulties because it naturally makes its way to the pinna and falls off on its own, but in other persons, excessive earwax is created.

Although earwax is a necessary part of the body, excessive earwax can be unsightly and uncomfortable for those who have it.

Surprisingly, the use of earwax removal home remedies is the most common cause of excessive earwax buildup! We’ve all heard the advice to avoid putting cotton swabs in the ear canal. However, many people continue to do so, causing earwax to be pushed deeper into the ear canal and causing a blockage that can only be removed with professional assistance.

Unfortunately, some people have to be concerned about earwax production because it is in their genetic code to produce an excessive amount of it. If this describes you, there is one silver lining: you are the least likely to have a spider enter your ear!

Is earwax uncomfortable?

In a nutshell, yes. Excessive earwax buildup can cause pain, but it is usually limited to causing discomfort.

You should remove the obstruction as soon as possible because it can cause diminished or impaired hearing.

There are several signs of excessive earwax buildup, including:

Hearing loss that happens unexpectedly or briefly

Tinnitus (a ringing in the ear)


If you notice any of these symptoms, you should see a doctor right away because unchecked buildup can have serious consequences.

Unchecked earwax buildup can produce further, severe, and severe ear discomfort, as well as illness-related symptoms such as coughing and disorientation.

To reduce the risk, have your ears checked by a specialist. Don’t expect it to “take care of itself” because you only get one hearing.


So, what exactly is ear wax micro-suction?

Micro-suction is the latest solution to earwax buildup. This clean, straightforward, and safe technology is changing how hearing care providers address the ubiquitous accumulation problem.

What is the process of microaspiration?

The audiologist assesses the degree of the blockage in your ear before proceeding with the operation. This is done with the help of an otoscope put into the ear canal.

This may sound alarming but be assured that the procedure is completely harmless and enjoyable, albeit a little weird at first.

Once the extent of the obstruction is determined, micro-suction begins utilizing a piece of equipment known as a micro-suction device!

A tube is inserted into the ear, causing a little amount of suction to be applied to the obstruction, which is then used to gently remove the bothersome earwax using the same principle as a very mild vacuum cleaner.

There is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to micro-suction. While the procedure is uncommon, it is usually painless. If a particularly obstinate blockage requires additional assistance, the audiologist will first soften the earwax before adding more suction. Because of this therapy, even in the most extreme cases, the risk to the patient is minimal.

Is earwax microsuction safe?

Micro-suction, rather than syringing, has been found to be the most effective method of removing earwax.

Because it leaves no trace, requires no preparation, and does not stress the ear canal, micro-suction is one of the safest treatments for removing excess earwax.

Is earwax micro-suction expensive?

The cost of ear wax micro removal can only be assessed based on how important your hearing is to you. There are less expensive methods, but they almost always involve greater danger.

To maximize the benefits of ear wax removal, you must take proper care of your ears afterward.

After wiping the outside of your ears with a wet cloth, wipe the opening of your ear canal with a cotton swab, being cautious not to insert the swab into the ear canal.

The rest of your ear will clean itself as your jaw’s chewing motion draws old earwax out of the inner ear, allowing it to fall out naturally.

To dissolve tenacious wax, place a few drops of olive oil in the ear canal.

Where should I get my earwax microaspiration done?

Earwax microaspiration is a medical technique that a trained specialist should only conduct. Contact 0800 1 337 987

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