CBD Supplements – Gummies to Sprays and Vapes Which Are Best?
CBD Supplements – Gummies to Sprays and Vapes Which Are Best?

CBD supplements abound in an array of forms from gummies to sprays and vapes. So, how do you choose which one, out of all the best ways to get your daily dose of this alternative medicine?

While most people talk about CBD supplements as possible cures for epilepsy, chronic pain, and cancer, (where the scientific evidence isn’t truly available to show that CBD works), the use of cannabidiol in foods is much less controversial*. When CBD is used in this way many people report that they feel more relaxed, suffer less tension, get to sleep quicker, and sleep more deeply. Some people say they become more playful and interested in the world around them.

CBD Food Supplements – Benefits Real or Imagined?

It might also just be an illusion in many cases! Consumers may report such effects because it has been suggested to them that eating a “cannabis-derived” muffin in their local coffee bar each morning will do just that.  The fact is that CBD in food may be popular with many people due to the association of CBD with taking marijuana. The reality is rather different! This can be as positive as it is negative due to the many side effects associated with cannabidiol.

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However, high street coffee bars and restaurants are not selling products containing any significant amounts of THC (Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol THC). It is THC alone that contains mind-altering and potentially addictive effects. Those that sell these products do little to dispel the idea that they are taking a form of cannabis “the drug”. But, in all but the special shops in the US states where legal cannabis use has been legalised and licensed (beyond the nationwide 2018 Farm Bill), the food additive will be the legal form of CBD with the mind-altering THC compounds absent.

How to Get the Right Dose of CBD

For any sensible use of any health supplement, it is necessary to take the product regularly at a controlled dose, and no casual food-use can provide such control. In fact, commercially available food products containing CBD will necessarily limit even the CBD dose to a very low level to avoid risks of side-effects.

On top of that, very little is known about what happens to the CBD during cooking. It is quite likely that much less CBD remains in a cake, for example, after it has been heated in the oven and allowed to react with other ingredients. But, even worse is the amount of CDB will necessarily be kept low in all foods. That’s to avoid bad taste. Any chef will tell you that CBD does not taste nice at all!

Cannabidiol (CBD) Warnings Precautions and Limitations

While CBD supplements are not really recommended for pregnant women, the CBD from the CBD oils can benefit your child or baby. There is no research that shows that CBD benefits infant health, but many people report an improvement of mood and a decrease of tantrums, poor sleep, and anxiety. The side effects are the same as those associated with CBD, with more side effects associated with the CBD supplements than the pure CBD oil.

The CBD supplements are not something to be taken lightly, because there have been some unfortunate incidents with the CBD oil from bad products. You could have a nasty reaction in which you could feel light-headed or even dizzy. If this happens, you should stop taking the supplement immediately and see an emergency room doctor. If there are any problems, it is wise to stop taking CBD supplements for at least a day or two to let the problem resolve.

Benefits and Uses of CBD Oil (Plus Side Effects)

Some people say that they feel more alert. Others say that they can concentrate better. If this is one of those experiences then it’s a good thing. If you’re using the supplements to cure epilepsy or cancer, then there is no need to feel any effects of it. If you are trying to use CBD supplements to stop seizures or cancer, then you’re going to have to deal with any side effects. Some people say they feel less tired. Others feel more contented. It is really just a matter of personal preferences.

There are a few reports which say that the products don’t have any side effects when taken in amounts between 0.04mg and 4mg per day, but this is a matter of debate. Some people say that they have found the best products for their needs, and there is no need to worry about any problems from doses as low as 0.04mg per day. The best advice is to use the product as directed, and you should not experience any side effects.

What’s the Best Way to Take CBD?

It can be hard to find a good CBD supplement product because it is not very common. Many CBD suppliers fall-short on quality. The best advice is to buy a quality product from a dependable supplier.

CBD Supplements – Powder Products

The CBD powder products generally cost more, and the product is not easily converted to oral spray forms. However, CBD powder products can be beneficial for other health issues, such as glaucoma, arthritis, or weight loss. CBD should never be purchased for the purpose of purchasing an alternative to smoking, which is known to cause cancer and is harmful to your body.

Experience Quick Results with CBD Supplements

One of the benefits of using liquid CBD is that it’s quick. Many CBD products, whether it’s liquid or pill forms, take several days to start having their benefits. Many products have a low absorption rate, which is crucial not only in preventing pain and illness, but also to prevent possible overdose. The best solution to this is a spray form, which is quick to start having its beneficial effects. The other benefit is that spray-products are very easy to carry.

Could Reduce Epilepsy and Arthritis

CBD oil products have been found to be beneficial when prescribed not just for glaucoma, but also for many other health issues. CBD works as an anti-inflammatory and has even been known to be used to treat epilepsy, arthritis, and other conditions. A dose in the range of 10mg to 40mg was reportedly used successfully to treat glaucoma.

For those who want to get the same benefits as those with liquid products, a spray form is a good alternative, however, the best solution is a liquid form of CBD that contains CBD powder.

Liquid CBD Formulas

Liquid formulas are more effective because they can be absorbed more quickly into the bloodstream. CBD spray forms are effective because they don’t contain the same risk of overdose.

The liquid formula is ideal for adults. CBD sprays are good for children, however, the dosage needs to be lower in order to avoid the risk of overdose.

The Low-Down on CBD Supplements

CBD oil may seem a little strange, but it can be very good for you. CBD is a very potent, and useful antioxidant, which is found in many foods and supplements, for good health. But, before you rush out and buy CBD oil, it is very important to read the labels of the products you purchase.

You need to look for the ingredients and verify that the oils are of high quality, and contain the amount of CBD that is necessary for the health benefits you’re trying to obtain. If the product does not include the amount, there is no reason to buy it. There are two main types of CBD products on the market: those that contain CBD only, and those that include natural CBD oil (and full spectrum cannabis oils) which have small amounts of many other compounds in addition to the CBD.

Always seek to find a CBD product that is made from hemp. It is important to know that it is a natural product, and can be found in many forms, and hemp is a natural product that is also effective. The best option is to look for a product that contains CBD powder and hemp CBD extract.

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Disclaimer: In this article, we do not suggest that CBD is sold as a “Medical or Dietary Supplement” as defined by the US FDA, nor are we referring to Medical Cannabis which may be available on prescription in various countries containing THC. We make no claims that CBD is proven to prevent, reduce the severity of, treat or cure any diseases. CBD products may also contain additional cannabinoids and associated terpenes and flavonoids. Should you decide to test out how CBD works for you, talk with your GP/ Medical Expert. The main reason for advising that is that you need to make sure that it won’t affect any other medications you take.

  • only where available. Subject to US FDA Regulations limiting CBD in food.

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