CBD Cream for Treating Acne and Other Anti-Aging Tips
CBD Cream for Treating Acne and Other Anti-Aging Tips

You might be a little incredulous to read that people are using CBD cream for treating acne. Is there nothing they won’t claim as a benefit from the CBD compound which is closely related to Cannabis! But, don’t be so hasty to dismiss this as hype.

Read On all Acne Sufferers. This could really help you – and it’s anti-aging too.

How is CBD Cream Good for Treating Acne and Anti-aging – At the Same Time?

The skin is the biggest organ in the body, and this organ is the first to show aging. The skin is constantly under attack from thousands of free radicals, and these are responsible for the deterioration of the skin and the emergence of many age spots and fine lines.

In a study of CBD oil, researchers witnessed the skin visibly smooth out after 18 days of use.

For those people who want to prevent and treat acne, these products are helping a lot.

By using CBD products, you can treat your acne without risking other conditions or side effects.

The best products that are formulated to treat acne and also have an anti-aging effect will include the following:

  • an oil or cream that is quickly absorbed into the skin
  • an extract that has no smell as acne sensitive skin can be allergic to perfumed products
  • active ingredients that have demonstrated the ability to relax the muscles to reduce the appearance of acne, and wrinkles
  • an extract that shows anti-inflammatory activity, and antioxidant activity.

An example of a cream, or facial mask, that includes a high CBD extract is sold by Kraton Beauty, Inc. Skincare. They offer a line of products with the Kraton 100% natural active extract.

What Other Conditions Can CBD Help With In Addition to CBD Cream for Treating Acne?

cbd cream for treating acne

While this is a very simple, non-threatening treatment, there are several conditions that CBD supplements may help treat, including:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • depression
  • paralysis
  • multiple sclerosis
  • back pain
  • nausea experienced due to cancer treatment etc.

There are many other conditions that CBD may be able to help treat, and many products that are already on the market are also meant to treat a number of conditions. There are many people who feel that CBD has a role to play in fighting aging and helping people to age gracefully.

CBD’s role in treating the symptoms of such complaints as arthritis, autism, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and multiple sclerosis is thought to give people:

  • greater longevity,
  • better health and
  • a longer lifespan.


CBD May Play a Role in Treating Depression

Just when you thought that this compound must be remarkably versatile, here we go with yet another use for it!

The role that CBD may play in treating depression is that it is a powerful antidepressant. The ability to get “peace of mind” is something that many people have often sought after, and CBD has proved to be one of the many ways. Yes. Experts say that CBD oils and extracts can help treat depression when taken as an oral medication.

CBD as an Anti-inflammatory

For those who have an inflammatory condition, CBD can work both ways. The CBD oil is thought to work in a way that can help to protect the immune system and help to prevent a flare-up of inflammation. The CBD oil must be of very high quality. For example, the oil that is made by New Hope Botanical Center, Inc. is an extract that includes only botanical elements. The oil is extracted through a variety of techniques that ensure that only the natural botanical parts remain in the product.

CBD Can Only Relieve Symptoms of Chronic Disease – Always Take Medical Advice

To some people, the idea that CBD will help to relieve symptoms of chronic disease is a very attractive idea. They may even want to get involved in the business of making the product. These people are in the minority, however, and before you do anything with CBD that non-prescription CBD products are not cures. All the CBD oils, creams, sprays, tinctures, etc, on sale are used as a treatment for the symptom itself. Although research is underway on CBD cures and the high doses needed, the jury is still out on all but a very few products. Those products are only available on prescription from a medically qualified professional.

The great majority of the people who use CBD oils, creams, and other alternative supplements do not seek a cure, as their reason to use the product. This is not an oil that is meant to treat diseases but to relieve symptoms. Those who find that CBD oil helpful are reporting very positively about the role that the oil plays in their lives.

CBD Compared to Well-known Side Effects of Mainstream Medications

The established medical industry such as the US FDA, and the UK’s NHS, are understandably cautious about the claims which are made about the uses of CBD. Restrictions are in place that limit the claims the CBD industry can make, and neither ourselves nor anyone else is currently selling these products as a medical supplement.

The current products are no more than dietary supplements or oils and creams for topical application. Research is underway which will hopefully one day change that, but side-effects reported by users are relatively minor and soon reversed by reducing the dose or ceasing use.

That being the case, we can already make some tentative comparisons with the severe side-effects of established medical treatments, such as:

1. It would be much better for those who suffer from arthritis to use CBD oil than to suffer the side effects that accompany a steroid injection.

Steroids have an appalling reputation for side effects which include:

  • Fluid retention, resulting in swelling in the lower legs
  • Blood pressure heightening
  • Psychological effects
  • Indigestion and upset stomach
  • An added tendency for increasing weight and for the fat deposited to be concentrated in certain parts of the body.

This is not to say that those who have arthritis will choose to have their arthritis treated with CBD oil as it is not sold for this purpose. But it is good to know that the anticipated side effects would be less than for a strong steroid, for those who have arthritis. CBD oil can also be a very beneficial treatment for those who suffer from other ailments that accompany rheumatoid arthritis.

2. Anyone who suffers from a sore throat may choose to use the oil. Users Suggest it is much more effective than cold medications.

Over the past, 30 years or more most cold medications for cold have seen repeated dosage reductions. The reason for this has been that side effects have been found to be so severe that the medical profession has been forced to dilute dosages to the point that the over-the-counter cold cures still sold are largely ineffective.

Nevertheless, they are still sold because there have been no alternatives available in high street pharmacies. Let’s not kid ourselves, most people take larger doses than recommended for these products, despite the risk of the side effects.

Compare this with the known advantages of CBD. As a treatment for the common cold, CBD oil is said to help those who suffer from nasal congestion and cold symptoms.

Sores are typically one of the ailments that are associated with the common cold. CBD is if nothing else, an anti-inflammatory.

CBD oil is therefore helpful for sore throats from the common cold.

3. CBD for Insomnia vs Sleeping Pills

Those who suffer from insomnia may find that it is a better treatment option than a sleeping pill or an antidepressant medication.

Some of the side effects of sleeping pills listed on WebMD include:

  • Burning or tingling
  • Not wanting to eat
  • Bowel irregularity
  • Dizziness and even loss of balance
  • Sleepiness during the day
  • Dryness of the mouth and throat.
  • Not to mention death if you take an overdose.

In comparison, CBD oil is an excellent treatment for insomnia.

The reason that CBD oil is helpful for insomnia is that it has the ability to relax the nervous system. This is very important in dealing with the symptoms of insomnia.

As a treatment for insomnia, CBD oil has been linked to the reduction of nightmares often experienced by those who suffer from insomnia.

Many who use the oil have had great success with the use of CBD oil in treating insomnia.

However, those who have problems sleeping will often have problems both with falling asleep and sleeping on thereafter. Some say that current CBD preparations have a less long term effect.

Summing Up – CBD Cream for Treating Acne and Other Anti-Aging Tips on Cannabis

CBD cream can be very successful for treating acne and we have provided other anti-aging tips on this cannabis-like compound.

Surprisingly, the oil from which CBD cream is made when taken orally is proving highly effective with many other conditions.

Some of the other ailments that CBD oil is helpful for are depression, anxiety, and stress.

The oil has an amazingly positive effect on those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress.

CBD oil is a very effective treatment for insomnia, sore throats, and stress disorders.

Many have expressed that CBD oil has a positive effect on their situations.

But, it is when the side effects of CBD, known from feedback so far, are compared with the established alternative drugs that CBD really shines. There must be very bright prospects for the eventual mainstream medical adoption of CBD when the comparable side effects are considered.

Steve, the author of this article, has written many more articles on the benefits of natural CBD oils here. Follow the link, take a look and find out even more about CBD.

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